The Sound of a Snail

I found a bunch of empty snail shells on my walk a few days ago. Snails are amazing. I need to reread the book “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating” before summer. It is a small book packed with woodland snail information intermixed with a personal illness story. A unlikely but wonderful combination.

“If a snail’s shell gets injured, a repair can be made quickly. New shell material is secreted by the mantle, and where there was once a crack, a scar appears, looking much like a skin scar. Even a missing shell section can be replaced. But all the junctures are very easily seen, for they have a fresher colour than the rest; and the whole shell, in some measure, resembles an old coat patched with new pieces.”

Elisabeth Tova Bailey, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating


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2 thoughts on “The Sound of a Snail

  1. Happy first day of SPRING! Just ignore the forecast of snow. John McCutcheon has a song about April snow surprising the daffodils!, so we might be dealing with snow for a while.


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