Some people don’t care for this plant but pokeweed has always been a favorite of mine. These delicate little blossoms will lead the way for the dark purple berries to form and become a wonderful food source for the birds. This plant can absolutely take over but I do love to see it’s distinctive color and style growing on the edges of the woods – it can get big, over 6 feet. The adult plant, roots and berries are toxic so it is important not to eat any part of it. In the past the young shoots may have been eaten after being boiled twice (with water discarded between each boil). I am glad there are easier and better choices for us to eat today. One other fun fact is that the berries were used by Native Americans and early settlers for ink and dye.

This is a picture of Pokeweed early in the season. The berries are now a lovely deep dark purple.


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One thought on “Pokeweed

  1. As young boys, my son, David, and friend, Stevie, thought Pokeweed berries were the best fun. They brewed up “ink” and painted things in my backyard. Must have been a little Native American in their history!

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