New Dragonfly 

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time. 

I barely even saw this one as I was walking up our power line path because it was resting on some tall green grass. Look how much it blends in! 

Luckily I startled it just a bit and it moved. We have lots of dragonflies here – mostly ones with black stripes on their wings (Widow skimmers) and they are jumpy and almost nervous (which isn’t really a surprise because of the anatomy of their amazing eyes!). This one would fly up, reperch, fly up and reperch. Thank you for allowing me to get such a good look at you and to experience your beauty first hand. This is a new species find for me on the property! An Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly! 

Turns out the Pondhawk gets it’s name because they attack their predators in the same way a hawk would. They can eat insects larger than them and even other dragonflies. When they leave the water and molt for the final time, the emerging immature adult is dull olive green but over the course of a few hours, the abdomen becomes bright green. Over the course of their adult lives the green of the male is gradually transformed into a duller shade of blue and finally a powdery bluish-grey. This one is either an immature adult or a female.

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