All About the Polkadots!

One of my most favorite things to do is to take my early morning coffee outside onto the patio and let the early morning sun warm my skin. I can sit and watch the birds as they react to the early reactivation of the bugs that have spent their night in the trees. Nesting is in full swing, my hummingbirds are back and the little phoebes have hatched.

This past Sunday was no different. It was a little bit chilly so I put on my fluffy polka dotted robe and headed outside with my coffee. I became intrigued with the little flittery birds that were zipping in and out of the tree tops when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Something … something TINY had landed on my shoulder.

What is THAT? I have never seen this amazing little butterfly … no wait a minute – it’s a MOTH! It landed on one of the black polka dots on my robe and was adorable and less than an inch long. It kept putting out its little tongue (proboscis) on the dots looking for food. It was on my shoulder which made it difficult for photos but I was able to move it (via the belt) to a better photo position. What caught my eye was not the polka dots of its own but the little orange spots on its front legs. At first I thought they were pollen pockets like we see on some of our bees but on closer investigation they were hairs! Another blogger called them “leg warmers” and it describes the spots so well that I am stealing it. Turns out the little tiny hairs are a distinguishing feature of the Eight Spotted Forester Moth! Who would have thought that my polka dotted robe would lead the little one directly to me!

For more information on this little one take a look here.



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