A Walk in the Woods

I have been attempting to run. “Attempting” is the key word. I am not graceful, my time is terrible, but I am doing it! There is something about the endorphins after a wonderful routine that helps you sweat it all out. After I run a portal is open – a door that gives all of the frustration, self doubt, and garbage that builds up in my head a place to go.

i-believe-in-the-blerchThe Blerch is still a battle for me. He embodies all of my doubt, previous failures and gives unwillingness a place to live. Because of him sometimes the running doesn’t happen – because why bother? Its not helping you with the number on the scale. Why would you get up and be in the gym 2 hours before the start of your day when it doesn’t even help? What a waste of precious time. It is clear that I need some way to squish him.

I was grateful for an opportunity to do just that! A friend had offered to go with my img_20160318_093120160.jpg
coworkers and I on a little hike on the North Country Trail. “The trail wanders 4600 miles through America’s rugged northern heartlands. Stretching across seven states, this longest National Scenic Trail is brought to local communities through the dedication and hard work of volunteers.” A few Fridays ago we were able to tackle a 12 mile portion of this wonderful trail.

I was not sure what to expect and I woke up that morning a little nervous. Could I do it? Would my feet be ok? Am I bringing enough food and water? Squishing The Blerch was easy on this one – I was going to be with 6 other amazing people. If I have any type of issue we are fully capable of figuring out a solution AND we are less than an hour from home. It was turning out to be an amazing hiking day and soon I was more excited than worried.

The hike was amazing. We walked through beautiful forests on well maintained trails and saw early spring wildflowers, amphibians and birds. We crossed small streams surrounded by newly emerging skunk cabbage, traveled across small wooden bridges and had plenty of time to just enjoy. img_20160318_112314618.jpgBeing in the woods has always been a very emotional and almost spiritual place for me. It is a place for me to be alone with my thoughts and my creator. With all of this exercise failure stuff still fresh in my brain this hike turned into a time of reflection and comfort. During the middle of the hike I stayed at the back of the pack and it hit me how blessed I am.

At that moment each tree within reaching distance from the trail became a moment of thanks and grace. As I walked by each one I gently touched each one and said a thank you for so many things including: an amazing family, my furry & feathered family, life long friends, a wonderful job, … I was wondering how long I continue and it was surprisingly much longer than I thought. It was eye opening and liberating and it turns out that this hike, with these people, was just what I needed, at just the right time.

This is my path and my journey.


More fun photos of the day:

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