Be the Good


There is so much going on in the world right now … I have been taking a break from media and my morning news routine because quite honestly it puts me into a state of anxiousness. I do not like how this makes me feel so I have been trying to focus on the positive and beautiful things that surround us every single day. This morning it was the beauty of the frost on the leaves and the grass (picture above). Saturday it was watching the nostalgic Peanuts movie with some dear dear friends and Sunday it was the extra special purring and attention from our beautiful Eva cat.

With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, not to be cliche, but I have so much to be thankful for. First and foremost I am surrounded by the people that I love more than anyone else in the entire universe. (When you look at it that way, it can kind of change your perspective of things – am I right?) I do a job that I LOVE. I am built to always find the beauty in things. I have an education and the privilege to be a woman who can have an opinion, an opinion that I can openly (and respectfully) talk about at the appropriate time. I am happy where I am in my life and proud of who I have become. I have the resources to learn more, experience more, travel more and LOVE more.

So… I, along with so many others, choose to be kind to others that are having a hard time with the world today, choose to help our local neighbors and friends, and I choose to BE THE GOOD that so many of us are needing right now.

I will leave you with this because no one will ever say it better. (Once a fan of Mr. Rogers, always a fan)




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