He’s Lucky He’s Cute …

There are so many things that I LOVE about living in the woods. Quiet, yes. Peaceful, yes. Wildlife – YES!

Take a look at some of the friends that have visited us within the past two weeks. I was early for work one morning (thanks to the dreaded time change) and was just enjoying some peaceful alone time before I headed out for the day. Slowly and quietly he comes up out of the path in the meadow and literally took my breath away. I leaned against the house and watched his breath make clouds around his head. I saw him and he saw me. We locked eyes and it was magical. I took numerous cell phone pictures but they of course didn’t do him any justice. I was actually driving down the driveway and he just watched me go – I couldn’t stand it so I went back up and got the good camera. This is my favorite …


Another day while leaving this little black squirrel came running towards me up the driveway. I have never seen him around here before!


And now for a “friend” that has visited us when we were not home. Look at him. He is adorable – this is his only saving grace right now.


He is DESTROYING the wood siding on the original part of the house. WHY little Downy Woodpecker? Why? You have over 100 acres of trees that have little morsels of delicious food tucked inside, WHY do you have to choose the side of our home? I am not a violent person but boy do I want to throw a shoe at him and cause him just a little bit of harm. (I would NEVER follow up on this. #1 I could never do it,  #2 I love birds and volunteer for a songbird rehabilitation organization so it’s not going to happen, EVER, but I am sure you can sense my frustration, #3 I teach small children about nature – what kind of role model would that be?) He is leaving a little path of destruction everywhere he goes. See all of the little white marks… that’s his lovely little signature of tiny (and not so tiny) holes all over the side of the house. But in case we missed that clue that he was here, he has left all of the wood shavings all over the driveway. Not only does he cause damage but he doesn’t even clean up after himself …



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