Now That’s One Way to Do it …

Our property has 2 sets of power lines that run through it, all done and agreed uponwpid-img_20150828_080119400.jpg before our time. One positive thing is that the lines give the property some very distinct habitats. In the area of the upper lines (this is also where the junk pile can be found) there are blueberry bushes galore. We can never get to them in time because all of the forest critters get to them before I can. (I will not put nets over them for fear that birds will get stuck and I will not be able to check on them as often as I need to.) Look closely at the picture and you will see a little friend peeking through the forest. Towards the back you can see the clearing of the power lines. Also in the area of this picture we do have some small streams that are more visible during the heavier rains and snow melt of spring.

We get notifications all the time, they need to check on the lines, they need to trim the lines, they need to cut underneath… and the list goes on and on. Lets just say they do not like getting phone calls from me .. NO you are NOT spraying. NO you are not trimming the trees in the spring (especially the oaks). NO you are NOT allowed to clear cut the blueberry bushes. NO you are not cutting everything in the fall – what will the birds and animals have for food and shelter in the winter? Geez Louise… this is why I lay awake at night (and you can now see some of the reasons that I need to run – to clear my head!).

wpid-img_20150911_190054.jpgSo just a few weeks ago we headed up to the upper power lines cut and prep some firewood from some trees that were previously cut. And then I hear it, and remember the little postcard note we received in the mail. That they would be trimming the power lines … with a chainsaw …. hanging from a helicopter. It is LOUD. The picture does not do it any justice so click here to see the video. We knew they were there earlier in the week because of some other cuts, and the mess they left behind, but we were not expecting them this day.

Another phone call might be necessary. The chainsaw hanging from helicopter method is not the neatest. And for lack of a better word it mangles the trees. And because of possible human death, there is no one there to clean up their mess. So now we have large dead branches and mangled tree limbs to deal with. wpid-wp-1441233649829.jpg    wpid-wp-1441233655233.jpg

We will get to it all eventually, just sucks that they have permissions to the right of way. They don’t have to be there to look at it, clean it up or to deal with my wrath … at least not yet. There has to be a better way …


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