Sweet Summertime

I always said that with this blog I would do it for my own creative self. To create something because that is a part of what puts me together. To help us remember the new things we have found, done, wanted to do – you know, all of that. This should be fun, and I just needed to remind myself of that. So to myself I apologize for the neglect and can’t wait to get caught up again.

First and foremost we found out that we are 5th generation on the property which is more than what we originally thought. We have a cemented spot near the rock wpid-img_20150711_104236359.jpggarden that we have been using as a gravel storage spot. This “spot” is actually a patio of one of the original houses! After the addition was completed the excavator guy had some extra river gravel and wanted to just “bury it’. Are you kidding me? We paid for that – you are certainly NOT going to bury it! So we had him put all of the extra rock on this cement spot. Over the last few years I took some of it and incorporated it into the rock garden, which was wonderful and useful, but I did not make nearly the dent in it that I had hoped. (That stuff is HEAVY by the way). We were talking to a neighbor and he mentioned that he has a backhoe type piece of equipment and would move it for us at anytime, and this summer I did not hesitate to take him up on it! This wonderful piece of equipment helped us move over 15 bucket loads of river gravel into our driveway where we had some recent damage from all of this rain. Even he said “That pile was deceiving! There is more here than I thought!”

We took the cleared space and turned it into our fire pit area – with a recycled big old tire rim for the fire ring and surrounded by bricks that my mom saved from heading to a local campground dump. I grew up at this campground and it brings nothing but happy memories to me. I was a lifeguard for years and surrounding the pool were Adirondack chairs that my family had made. One day when going to visit my parents I saw that the chairs were GONE. Chairs that had been there for years, that I had chairsmoved over and over again. Chairs that were seasoned with sunshine, sweat and suntan lotion. My mom found out that the chairs were updated and the old ones, the ones we made together, were taken to the dump. Luckily my family and my Bubba know me well, and they were able to rescue a few. We now have 3 chairs (and one partial chair to be used for parts) that we can use near the fire ring. I love the combination of each of our family’s old things that make this place unique. Makes my heart happy …

Here is the finished space for now. We have some more ideas including a retaining wall using the leftover cinder block from the addition. I am sure more ideas will come once we are able to use the space a little more. But for now the smell of a campfire will keep me content.

For more photos of our space and of our adventures living our lives in the woods, like us on Facebook!



2 thoughts on “Sweet Summertime

    • That is exactly what we did! We had a mouse run towards us and then under the swing we were sitting on. Also watched 4 bats dip & dive. That is the most I have seen all at once here (so far!).


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