Think BIG but Start Small …

Those of you with 25 acres or .25 of an acre know how important it is to start small. We have been attempting to manage the property that is close to the house, including an amazing rock garden. It is the outlying property, the space that we are not in everyday that really makes me think about what else this land has to offer. rock garden

We attempted a garden 2 years ago – EPIC fail! We fenced it, bought heirloom non GMO vegetables and proceeded to watch the forest animals demolish it. I was heartbroken. Honestly, we do not need one more thing to care for, so off to the farmers markets we will go to happily support our local farmers and local businesses. We have attempted a few potted vegetables on our deck this year – I will let you know how the quest for a hand picked tomato goes!

We have been feeling like we are making progress with the property – Game Commission has been out to provide us with a Wildlife Management Plan. This was a wonderful experience and gave us a lot of really great information about what we can do to continue to make the land more wildlife friendly. We have made huge progress with our lower wildflower field and have worked hard on removing invasive Honeysuckle and Multi-flora Rose. Now to get the old lilacs trimmed so we can continue to enjoy them for years to come (we have light purple, dark purple and white!). 

IMG_1657-0About 10 days ago I was out walking and found “the PILE”. Ugh… there it is in all it’s glory – the family dump. I knew we would find it someday, but I was not expecting to so close to the house! I was shocked at the size of it – and what was in it. I was hoping that it would not be as big as I knew it would be – that thing is like a glacier, just a little bit sticking up and as you get closer you can see the severity of it all. I went home and shared the find of the day with Paul – he did not know it existed either. Now we head back to “the PILE” together and start the investigation. Contents we could see without digging too far – computer, weed eater, pans, a stationary bike, window and door frames, wash tubs, car parts, garden statues, tailgates, bottles, bottles and more bottles.

Once we get the opportunity to go back up there with some gloves, the correct shoesIMG_1656, etc I will be investigating it more. I will remove what I can and recycle what I can. There is one particular piece that has caught my attention though – the rusty old bike. Look at it! It is beautiful… it WILL find a way to be turned into a piece of art and worked into a garden.

We went home and pulled up an aerial map … there it has been all along – on all of the maps that we have showing our boundaries. “The PILE” is visible, clear as day… I guess it is all about what you want to see. I never wanted to see “the PILE”. Didn’t want to admit that it existed. People wouldn’t do that, would they? As upset and confused I am that “the PILE” is there (the nature lover in me still can’t understand what was a very common practice back in the day), I also wonder about the memories that some of these items may have – whose bike was that? why is this little frog statue in the pile? How old are these bottles, what were they used for? This is where I try not to be overwhelmed. I need to remember to start small – one bottle at a time, one bike at a time …


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