How do I get talked into these things?

A few weeks ago I was asked by a colleague if I would like to participate in a fundraiser for a local park. When she said that it wouldIMG_20150422_114933493_HDR be building a fairy house to be auctioned off for a local park… Ummmmmm…. YES. (Can you see SUCKER across my forehead?). This house took me over a month to build, because I wanted it to be natural – fairies don’t like man made stuff you know. My partner in crime, Paul, knew exactly where the perfect house existed. He remembered seeing an amazing stump near a tree that we cut down… and wouldn’t you know it, it WAS perfect! A built in door and windows and even a little window seat for when they want to read. The trouble was getting the stump out of the woods. It was semi close to our back road but it was up a steep hill about 5 feet tall. Remember, the snow is melting, the ground is squishy. I made it up the hill OK but coming down was another story. I slipped, the small tree I was holding onto snapped and down the hill I went. I landed on the road, just inches away from the hitch on our truck, with a lovely gash on my right hand. Theory has it that the gnomes (who can be mischievous) wanted the house for their own purposes and did not want me to take it away.

I could not figure out how to build and transport my creation so we overhauled a few pallets, layered weed barrier and then filled it with soil. I covered the soil with moss and added the finishing touches. I made a pergola (complete with a turkey feather roof), acorn birdhouse and some lounge chairs. I also added some pansies and some daffodils for some spots of color. While at the park for a school program I found a few other items that were broken (picnic table, arbor bench and another birdhouse) and they were just asking to be fixed and to be put to use again.

I dropped of the ginormous fairy house creation and I have to say it was a little hard to let it go… all of the little details that made it come to life were all very personal decisions of mine, and honestly it reminded me why I do the work that I do… being a kid and full of wonder is pretty empowering. ATT_1430144992849_IMG_20150424_144600145 (1)

I had some 6 year old non believers at the Fairy Park during my last walk. SIX? Really? A non believer at SIX? Don’t get me wrong, as a naturalist I enjoy learning and finding facts, but we do all need to take the time to explore and embrace the wonder that nature can bring to us. The world needs more naturalists, teachers & scientists, all of which will hopefully be advocates of nature & the environment. Finding the joy, simplicity and wonder is a great first step – no matter what your age or profession. I encourage the 5 year old within you to find some joy in the small things today. I Triple Dog Dare You…

“Those of you that don’t believe in the magic will never find it”

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