Daffodils and Birthdays

We are so fortunate to be the 4th generation within the family to have this amazing property and space to call  home. The first spring that we spent here I was blown away by so many things, the snowdrops that peeked their heads above the snow, the birds that would call and sing at the first glimpse of dawn, the coyotes that would howl and play in the early morning hours, and the small streams that would appear out of nowhere once the snow began to melt. Nothing was more surprising to me than to watch the hundreds of flower stems all over the property start to slowly reach for sunshine and warmth with the longer days, and then blossom into many many varieties of daffodils.

You see, the daffodil and my family go waaayyyy back. It started on the day my mom was born on a spring day in Maine. Her father walked through the snow and brought her mother “a bunch of lovely daffodils”.  From that point on they are the flower that we use to celebrate her birthday. Continuing with the tradition, my mom always delivers some daffodils to her mother on the special day. With the celebration of her birthday, which is today, I patiently wait for the flowers to make their appearance. Most have started to pop up through the cold ground bringing hope that spring will come again.

How can the daffodil not make you smile? They are a happy tolerant flower that brings a burst of color to the drab forest floor, when we are all waiting patiently for the forest to spring back to life after the long cold winter.

I cannot even begin to tell you what my mom means to me. I am so blessed to still have her in my life and to be able to call her my friend. The title of this blog journey, Daffodils & Fiddleheads,  has always been very clear to me even befor the writing began. From the beginning, daffodils was always going to be a part of it, just like she will always be a part of ME. So on your birthday mom, thank you for always being a part of my life and for being my biggest supporter. I love you – to the moon & back!


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